We strive to share the best web resources for designers, artists, and individuals who are passionate about web design. But it may also affect SEO—Januka Harshan on twitter noted that their competitors seemed to be picked up more often partially because those competitors used alternating colors. Find the Best Semantic Elements. Even testing and throttling for slower devices does not equal being a user working with those devices. The release of HTML5 has seen the introduction of several new semantic tags that provide even richer information to search engines. In this guide, we will look into what is HTML5 semantics and what it can do for SEO. This can show you the shape of how your HTML affects your content, and since many people are only experiencing your site those ways it’s important to include them in your design. Gary Illyes said during a bay area search meetup; HTML can be described as kind of a quantum layout language, layout tables and data tables differently, Januka Harshan on twitter noted that their competitors. A cheat sheet covering the basic HTML elements and their purpose. This means optimizing for the true intent of your users, not just answering a simple query. The separation will not only improve maintenance, but certainly also improve download performance as you usually cache CSS/JS files. However, if you want to create quality content that ranks well in search engines you need to put both techniques into use. Our Digital Essentials highlight the most compelling aspects of all three to help you react and respond to this ongoing evolution. Luckily, there are semantic HTML5 tags to do just this: we can use