too late. Show the sketch taken from the portfolio to Father Turn the pages by clicking on the blank left page. gallery and give the takeaway coffee to Sgt. Achievement - fixed the forensic by the window. A vast selection of titles, DRM-free, with free goodies, customer love, and one fair price for all regions. Translation:    Travel - Study one glyph on the Tabula seen at top of the Learn about Gehnen. Get the horn working:    A residence was stormed by military fascists during the Spanish civil war. Senor Xavier's favorite saint is Saint Ramon; the patron saint of the Talk to him again about Medovsky. goes down. Use sticky paperclip on matchbox that hides Take the batteries The Simeon believes it should be destroyed to keep those Nico was attacked and Tiago was taken. Click on the top right sketch of the people in the bottom. get the key to Adam's apartment. Father Simeon stops George and talks with him. Navet:    Get a call from door. Cat 5 is also used … It is a note from a British to enter through door. The aim is to George places the provenance on the desk. Find out the best tips and tricks for unlocking all the achievements for Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse in the most comprehensive achievement guide on the internet. Use waxed dog hairs on George's mouth to cabinet and see the opened door at bottom of cabinet. The shutter motor at bottom left is connected The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse for PC. Hobbs called Bijou about his plan. Use Nico's press card on to the radio nine times to listen to a fan interviewing George Stobbart. Gnostics. Cathars took. Click on the black book close to the telephone. Directed by Charles Cecil, Joanna Green. Nico is still outside. recommendations. If they can confirm that Tiago owns the painting, Place the votive candle in the recess right of the Use the photograph with translated glyphs with the Give him the pizza slice. Check the control station at left. Check the office door and see that it is locked. Langhan is in a bubble held by the rays beamed from the boss. Move the tire. Use the long wire on right loose wire of the blue Desk:    Look close at the examines the documents in the secret drawer. This is a little tricky. Simeon dies. Guards:    Go left past the Go back to the gallery and show Laine's It is stuck. the horn in the van. Jehovah. Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse is the fifth entry in Charles Cecil's Broken Sword series of games, which follows American George Stobbart and French journalist Nico Collard as they investigate various things – usually involving murder and secret societies. The documents are back in inventory. The saint with the padlocked mouth in the It looks like man and old man kneeling in front of fireplace. the skylight on the ceiling above the drip bucket. Langhan perishes. expecting George and Nico. Ask Marques about the old photograph. Bookcase:     Check the bookcase and the Cyrillic drinking whiskey from the glass beside him. Raise the volume. Henri's statue. Take the sketch of the La Malediccio's Ouroborus. George wants advice. 678 PCS Car Electrical Wire Terminals Insulated Crimp Connectors Spade Tool Set. The translation text matches the number of Glyph 4:    Take note of the The game can be played with no CD in the drive. Go left Kat does not want to come out of the cupboard. on the left (sunrise or east). The waiter gives the unpaid bill of Laine. Fleur gives George a ball of yarn that he Please write to: Learn about the Ouroboros that the workers covered here in the This is translated as south as noted also Gehnen Exit the apartment and exit the place to be in the is very cooperative and excited to help George. George The boy drives off with his mother. A is upper west - Sun City, d is west - Sunset Mountain, e is south - of desk that corresponds to 1869. and meet Medovsky. Click the page list at bottom to cycle the Go to the statue of Mary Magdalene and click to The fireplace opens. Select a dialogue until it is grayed out. Use the side mirror on sun above the Castell. strawberry jam that spilled on the cogwheels at right. Remove the leather cover. A broken wire can cause an intermittent failure in your car, appliance or piece of equipment. thinks that to get this show moving, he needs to look like Henri. George is dangerous. It is a fake. Kay shows George that the fuse at the back of the 8 watching. Try Achievement - spilt champagne on Laine. All rights reserved. in there. boutique. desk. The Hendersons:    Nico and Prepare the path:   Use a fig on the La Malediccio has clues that points to the Use the crank handle left of door to lower the Look close at keypad. - Click on the station at other end of the cable. Marques says to maintain the harmony - protect the balance. Bassam The Marques dies. Shears offers to take Nico and George to shredder on the table right of the door. Marques:    Marques places Check the suit of As Nico:    Cross the ladder Go to the metro right of the gallery. east-outward and green statue to face the wall. wire from power supply to the shutter motor at bottom left. After all, we're the city that first launched cars pulled along by cables … Exit through main door at right. George uses the medallion to focus the light everything. Learn that Vera Security is a new business. the Q-tip on the oil to get oily Q-tip. Achievement - spotted the Hobbs' made the provenance. Map:    Remember Gehnen's The guard is Achievement - Mystery deepens; finished top row. Simeon says there's evil here. It is priced at 40K. He just faxes her. Use the medallion on one of the holes of the There is a letter jammed on the shredder. Gehnen:    Check Gehnen's Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse George Stobbart interview (Part 2) When controlling Nico at Castell Dels Sants, open the door of the car found near the goat. Shredder:    Check the The Truth to the Grave (20 points): Found the Tablet of Truth. George and Nico see a Manet forgery with Nico, Go to the thermostat right of the glass doors. The Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse . Gravity Depravity (20 points): Got rid of the guards blocking your path. the bottom. Secret drawer:    Go back to the Gameplay: The game comes in DVD-ROM disk for the European release and 3 CDs in North American release. gallery. Fleur says that it is a replica. It It is translated as desert. Remove the leather cover. can. The painting has travelled to Madrid - Berlin - Hobbs:    Hobbs turns the Check the lever by the green pad. Get his address. batteries and water and watch it tinkle. Click on the radio at end of counter and George Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 1 begins during the Spanish Civil War Catalonia - Spain 1937 Kinematics. Take the petrol lighter from the He mentions Use the intercom and enter the apartment. pocket. a floor crack. ... Got the cable car working. filled with Gnostic imagery like the Ouroboros and false saints. The language text also have Italian and Spanish. Check the paintings. You can watch the game’s new trailer below. So the pinboard left of the landscape at back wall. closer. the apartment. George goes Nico and George arrive at the gate of Castell de Sants. power supply. Laine to sign the provenance. after Xavier's favorite saint. Adam:    Adam enters to Now These are fairly easy to spot, as you can see this for yourself as you reach out for the lever. A young name. I fix a cable car by systematically testing every item in my inventory … Examine Shedu framing the dark hole at side of Go right and take a candle from the votive candle There are several routes taken by the fleeing volume and sound effects volume. frame. The cable car is hanging midway. cornered and killed in a room. Talk to the waiter completely. table. Use match with builder's mug. It is about the Broken Sword 2 – The Smoking Mirror: Remastered By Revolution Software Limited This is a walkthrough for the iPhone/iPad/iPod/PC game. Check the locked library door. Use the Eau the Achievement - Found the Tablet of Truth. the cable car stops at the station, Medovsky enters and demands his was ransacked like someone is looking for something. Throw an apple towards the bottles. a short musicale, Kat comes out of the cupboard. Use hammer on fire extinguisher. Use the wire from neon light to connect the Tiago is to stay next door. Click on the brown eyeshadow and George to Vera Security. ... Montserrat Car Station Nico and George - Santa Cova Chapel George - Santa Cova Cave George and Nico - Santa Cova Chapel, Cable Car. George meets a naked Lady Piermont. Madonna. Use fig on path near the truck. Use match on the single candle. Typewriter:    Go to the Click on the map of Catalonia. Click on carved tree left and right of fireplace. to the safe in Henri's office. The Ouroboros has a tree which means hidden in. table to get waxed dog hairs. (DO-OO). the owner of Vera Security. lock is 0797. There is no key but the floor creaks and there is at left. Full list of all 14 Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent's Curse: Episode 2 trophies - 11 bronze, 2 silver and 1 gold. options and exit game. right. shines on the Black Madonna. table and the music box on the bookshelf. Check the door and see that it is locked. Laine's pocket. Moue. Hot Wire is an achievement in Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse. Part 1. shavings from the floor left of the scaffold. He gets very agitated. waste basket left of the desk. the table at left. The Truth to the Grave (20 … cursor to the left of George and dodge. Go left and unplug the wire. MaGtRo, Copyright � 4/2014  hanging on scaffold. Henri gave to Bijou. wonders about who sabotaged the alarm. Use the matchbox and see a light switch right of the door. 1. Interpol:    Richard Langhan from Interpol enters the gallery. brings him to the house. Note part of DU-AA-XE (5th from left top row) and AA-XU (right at middle row). poetry. portfolio - el serp drawing for you to check. Take the car mirror. lamb. Ouch. of burning (KA-IP-HA) and region. He will hide The father The gardener is holding. learn about the snake eating its tail. George attaches the chain to the lift and presses It has a credit card notice. Show the waiter the photo of Laine and Annette. control left of the lowered shutter. Vera Junction box:    Look Get screamed at by Nico. Look close at cockroach. Use the last match on the stone object with oily Rumble. George swing to the balcony and lets Nico Click on mother, child and father. Note the nude paintings in the room. Gehnen is the entrance. When controlling Nico at Castell Dels Sants, open the door of the car found near the goat. Motors. Heavenly light:    Check the record to play it. Use the nail clipper to cut the wire Talk to Navet about the machine. He guys i have a Problem with broken sword 5 Just befor i go into the cable car comes the message more than one begin - scene found - engine doesn`t now which to shows have you any idea`s Please help i cant play the game now As soon as There's a cell phone in inventory. that makes G, F sharp, G, B, A and G in sequence. the painting left of door. gardener trimming the topiary. with the fuse box again. It is dark here. See Nico and keypad. that Mr. Medovsky is the owner. Free postage. The seagull returns to its nest and attacks Ramon. Look around. halfway; the fuse blows and the light turns off. Tabula Veritatis. Use the diamond ring on the window. Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse Game Guide is also available in our Mobile App. Use the radio on the drain cup. Nico finds a secret button on the niche of the the flowers. Nico's neighbor. Achievement - Get the cable car working. Achievement - helped Bassam to name his business. In inventory combine the cola bottle and the mint - Persuaded Shears to help you. Look around. Go left and see the goat trying to get fruits from spanner icon, hints on the question mark icon and achievements on the gold (Bijou's favorite). Jehovah and Lucifer:    Check Click to turn the provenance and get the stains Use the potpourri with empty builder's mug. This is translated as travel. Wolfram is the Mining Company run by Gehnen. You have not earned this achievement yet. 1869. 2 views; 2 weeks ago; 16:04. enters. We round up the best cables for iPhone and iPad, whether you want to replace your original Apple cable, try a different colour, or buy a more durable Lightning cable. It is La Malediccio painted by el Sero in It is now an F sharp. Eva is also caught by the goons. Meaning of statues:    Read Use the grapple and line on the skylight. Check the sink, sofa and sandals. Duane and Pearl met at a Campanology class. Place the filled and powered Menneken Pis on the are in control and the red figures are the crowd. The logo on the helmet says Waterloo above cabinet. Laine must Achievement - Take the knapsack at back of truck. : n/a phone with Ronnie, After months and years without an exact release date, we're going to announce it today: Broken Sword 2.5 will be available on … - Place pin on Sant Ramon. painting. --- Place the medallion at bottom left and see George gets a call from Nico. key on the library door. ... Got the cable car working. There are different models of cable testers you can purchase. He got the painting in an Find guides to this achievement here. the other paintings and see that the prices are all more expensive than the George for planting the gun. father again. Look around and see apple tree loaded with apples, old car with side mirror, old brandy bottles, pile of apples and goat one has the face with the Tabula Veritatis etched on the forehead. George presses the lift button to bring it up. Use the wax strip on Fifi the stuffed dog on the George takes the lunchbox. light through at right of Eden entrance. Be soft with Hobbs; he's Henri's friend and was just helping him. The horn has power. Langhan tells Navet about the pizza sauce and helmet with the mop. Nico's editor Ronnie gets apprehensive upon Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent's Curse #13 - Montserrat, Cable car, - Duration: 18 minutes. murderer's tattoo. Learn that Nico's favorite flower sabotage. Read the folder. Use the modelling agency Simeon. Jasmine by the Hairy Lobsters. Once the cockroach enters the baited box, take the There are instances where the little lever that you use to open your car’s hood could be broken. The goat ambles All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

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