Prepare for the next class (Est. Inline vs Block elements in HTML. Other tags that describe their intention are listed on both sites. A summary or label can be provided using the element. HTML 5 is the next version of the HTML specification, following HTML 4.01. Tags which makes sense to both developers and users. Most notably among the various cool and interesting features you can find being injected into a design is the humble lightbox ( modal window ). Using this gives you some browser behaviour for free: A button is focusssable via the keyboard. By ‘good’ HTML, I mean semantic HTML, a posh term for choosing the right HTML element for the content. HTML SEMANTICS. Interestingly, U is still used to underline text; however, the MDN suggests styling it via CSS with text-decoration: underline; to differentiate it. Another guide from MDN. Host your portfolio. Using the various HTML elements to reinforce the meaning of information in our websites will often give us accessibility for free. Challenge 1. This isn’t a philosophical exercise; it has directly observable practical benefits. Examples of semantic elements